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Our Work

Full-Service Organ Builders

Founded by Christopher Soer in 2018, we provide organ building and maintenance services to churches, educational institutions, and concert halls all over the United States. Our experience includes work for religious organizations, educational institutions, and concert/performance instruments. We have performed work on organs across the country and provided special services including historical research, consultancy, and voicing expertise for clients ranging from small unit organs to large cathedral-sized instruments. 

Our work includes:

  • Design and Build New Instruments

  • Provide Additions to Existing Pipe Organs

  • Historically-Informed Restorations

  • Scaling and Voicing of New Pipework & Re-Voicing Vintage Pipework

  • Instrument Removal & Installation

  • General Service Work (re-leathering, regulation, corrective voicing, etc.)

  • Tunings

Each project we undertake is client-centered and focused on achieving musical and functional results. We take pride in the workmanship put into every facet of our job and strive to provide superior quality and exemplary service to meet the needs of each organization. Please reach out to us to discuss your vision and we would be happy to help shepherd that to fruition.

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